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Foodies At The Reception: Get 2 Thumbs Up On Your Wedding Caterer

wedding catering orange county

Food plays a big role in every major celebration in life. It is a conversation starter, a crowd bringer, a vibe setter and sometimes, ultimately what brings an Orange County wedding together. For your wedding, I’m sure you’ve got this jumble of tastes and designs in mind but no idea on where to start. Well, come take my hand and I’ll introduce you to the different food concepts that made so many weddings the talk of the town. These concepts work wonderfully whether you’re holding your reception at the Elks Lodge or you’ve been trying on beach wedding dresses in anticipation of getting married on the coast.


wedding catering orange county tasting

Taster menus are great solutions to weddings with a wide variety of guests. I’ve known some couples who seem to come from different worlds and it’s mind-boggling to think how they can possibly cater to polar interests (My lawyer friend was married to a basketball star and you can only imagine all the people in suits with rubber-shoes wearing athletes.). Come the reception, this menu is sure to get people talking. The taster menu usually features up to ten exotic mini courses, sometimes with wine pairings in between. This long wedding reception style can have guests mingling in between courses while listening to various anecdotes that are sure to have the groom wishing he’s got a veil to hide behind. Top wedding catering Orange County specialists will focus on this.


wedding catering orange county food stations

Foodie couples would surely love this wedding catering Orange County concept. Each of their favorite cuisines can enjoy their station with all the crowd favorites on its menu. Japanese, American, Indian, Spanish or Greek cuisines are just some of the cuisines you can have set up for your guests. This is sure to cater not only to the interest of the adults, but of the children as well. I am actually looking forward to attending some wedding venues in Orange County with a hot dog cart or street food setup. Some people do appreciate the familiar, you know. It is hard to eat food when you can’t pronounce the names. It saves you a lot of cost-too much like serving pizza, but on china.


wedding catering orange county cocktails
Drink up and get married in Orange County California. Drink up and be merry. Whatever works for your guests, the wedding cocktail bar will take care of booze to keep them all on their feet. Cocktail bars are great for garden or beach weddings where people can just be laid back and can dance barefoot until the wee hours of the morning. Keep the laid back attitude in mind when you’re searching for wedding dresses Orange County. Make sure to offer a varied selection of hard drinks and fruity drinks that will cater to both mild and hard drinkers. The look and feel of your bar will also make it more enticing for your guests not only to come over, but to stay. Who knows, the next big wedding could start right then and there when a Cosmopolitan meets Jack on the Rocks.


wedding catering orange county candy bar

While some people choose to go with the hip new concepts, your flower girls and ring bearers will surely pull up their chairs (or sit cross-legged) in front of this. An Orange County wedding candy bar is a delight to see in almost any type of wedding. From all-time favorite jellybeans to cotton candy to marshmallow and chocolate fondue, no guest will forget just how sweet your wedding has been. Decorate your candy bar with flowers, candy-colored flaglets and a chalkboard menu and it’ll surely be an Instagram-able hit. Provide sugar-free options so grandma and grandpa can join in the fun. Make sure to keep the refills tucked away safely or you might just find a six-year old congregation licking off chocolate syrup from their fingers behind the bar.
Choosing food concepts is a fairly easy part of wedding planning. Now that you’ve found different ways to compromise on your taste and serve your guests with a unique dining experience at your reception, it’s time to find a wedding catering Orange County company that can make it happen.
Numerous wedding caterers in Orange County will have sumptuous food photos on their website enticing you to click ‘Book’ after seeing that molten lava cake header. But hold your horses just yet and go through these quick pointers on choosing the caterer that’ll bring perfection to the table.

Wedding Catering Budget

wedding catering orange county budget

How much from your wedding budget will you allot for food? How many people are invited? How many from your guests are adults and how many are children? These are important questions to ask so you’ll know where to start looking. If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for a venue that can offer the food of your choice in a great, cost-effective package. If money’s not a problem, you can set up an appointment with the best caterers in your area ideally a year before your chosen date so you can put your name on the map.


wedding catering orange county availability

There’s no way to move forward with your chosen caterer if they are handling five more weddings on your wedding day. It will not only result to high costs, but to compromised service as well. Make sure to know how many weddings they will be catering to on that day and what effects it will have on your function. Caterers who take only one wedding in a day are sure to give you the undivided attention that your wedding truly deserves.


wedding catering orange county contract terms

People are usually quick to look at the total package cost portion of the agreement to ensure that they price stipulated is the same as agreed. However, it is equally important to know and understand the contract terms of your caterer. Know when you need to make a deposit to confirm your booking and when the reservation shall expire if left unsettled. Also, check what other charges on top of the food and beverage cost will be charged to you. For any incidentals incurred during the reception, ask how you will need to settle them.


wedding catering orange county service

Good food is nothing when it comes with bad service. How your caterer accommodates you during your food tasting will say a lot about how he and his staff will treat you on your wedding day. Good caterers are respectful, attentive and have a positive attitude towards service. They will make sure to deliver your requests as promptly and accurately as possible. Fantastic service is what will keep your guests full and happy for the rest of the reception.

Great food makes for great celebrations. You don’t need to compromise on the quality just because you have a budget. Most Orange County wedding caterers are willing to customize their packages and offer you their best sellers at big discounts. There is more than one way to get the best out of your buck and with a little patience and a lot of research, satisfaction will surely be served to your on a silver platter.

by Kerry Johnson – Follow Kerry on G+!