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Everybody would love to go to the perfect wedding and there’d be no one more ecstatic than the perfect bride in Orange County California. The bride has found one of the top beach wedding dresses. However, the perfect bride is often the most stressed in the whole wedding party. What with all the inviting, checking out all the wedding venues in Orange County, all of the Wedding Cakes Orange County tasting, and the constant search for Wedding Dresses Orange County, a girl is most likely to go ballistic just months into the wedding prep. A lot of brides probably look back on the whole wedding planning shenanigans and wished, at one point or another, that they had more time to take a breath while shopping for beach wedding dresses.
But there’s no need to fret about all the wedding drama, all you need is to make a well-thought out, organized to-do list and face each item head on. Remember, there are over twenty people in your entourage that will be more than happy to lend a hand. Yes, your four-year old ring bearer can work wonders.
Let’s begin with one of the most important things on the list and the one that takes as much time as the whole wedding to make—the wedding dress. Your dress will be in the front page of your coffee table book, the first shot in your same-day edit video, and even the pop-art in your wedding invitation. It’s no light matter and I know you’re halfway out the door just thinking about it. Here are a few tips to keep on your sleeve (or neckline, if you want to go sleeveless) while shopping for the perfect beach wedding dresses.

Find a trusted, honest companion.

beach wedding dresses orange county companion
It could be your mom, your sister, your best friend and maid of honor, or all three of them; take them with you. You need someone who will offer you their most honest opinion, not say: “You look INCREDIBLE!!” every time you’re trying on one of the beach wedding dresses you’ve picked out. Some bridal shops, like Paradise Creations in Laguna Beach specialize in beach wedding dresses. Prepare yourself for a not-so-flattering critique and just keep in mind that they have the best for you at heart. At the end of the day, there’s nothing that a few laughs over cocktails in Newport Beach cannot fix. A great companion and sound advice is already half the battle won for you.

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Know your silhouette.

beach wedding dresses orange county silhouettes
It’s easy enough to flip through Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier catalog and fall in love with every single one of the beach wedding dresses that would all come out beautifully when your Orange County wedding photographer is zooming in. Don’t fall into that trap. The models wearing the beach wedding dresses are chosen for a reason—the beach wedding dresses complement their silhouettes (or they’re simply super models and God made every dress for them!). You may be petite, tall, pear-shaped, busty, apple-shaped, straight-lined or small-chested. If you’re not quite sure, feel free to seek advice from the friendly bridal shops in Orange County consultant.

Imagine your wedding day.

beach wedding dresses orange county wedding day
Will you be at an old-fashioned church? At Newport Beach? The Orange County Public Library (calling all the Carrie Bradshaw’s out there)? Is it winter? Or maybe fall? Is the ceremony intimate? Borderline crazy? There are many bridal shops in Orange County that have many casual beach wedding dresses in stock. How you want your wedding day to be is an important factor in choosing the material and design when you are trying on beach wedding dresses.
A dress with long, laced sleeves is great for an intimate church wedding. A delicate string of pearls on taffeta or a beady bustier made of satin makes for a timeless show of elegance. Case in point, Rachel McAdams’ vintage wedding dress in The Notebook set in 1940 still worked wonders on Kristen Stewart during her human-vampire union with Robert Pattinson in the 2011 installment of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Most Orange County bridal shops can give you terrific advice when searching for beach wedding dresses.

Beach brides can go for the classic look as well with a tad(or a whole lot) of fun. You can choose knee-length or long gowns but with great regard for the fabric. Beach wedding gowns call for light, breathable fabric that will look stunning in your sand-strewn aisle. Go for gowns made of cotton eyelet or organdy, crepe, chiffon or organza among other styles of beach wedding dresses.

Check your money in the bank. DOUBLE CHECK your money in the bank.

beach wedding dresses orange county money
As much as you want to have the perfect wedding dress and look like a goddess, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to leave an empty bank account in your wake. Besides, there’s the cake, the band and the gazillion other things competing for your budget. When it comes to shopping for beach wedding dresses, it can be way too easy to forget about your budget. So before you hit the streets with your dress-shopping crew, make sure you know exactly how much you can spend. If designer beach wedding dresses are out of the question, there are a lot of ways to still find that dress to-die-for. A lot of stores are offering last season’s Orange County wedding dresses for the beach at a great discount. If you search online, you can find many tips for buying beach wedding dresses. Also, try to ask your friendly neighborhood designer if she can make a custom-fit dress for you for half the price of the well-known ones. It’s not just about the dress after all– it’s how well you can sleep at night without going hungry.

Fall in love.

beach wedding dresses orange county in love
The same way you knew that he’s the one, you’ll know when you’ve found the dress you’ll share the most special day of your life with. It could be the third dress on the rack or the 50th gown on the 50th store you’ve been to—there will be no denying the connection the dress will make with you. You’ll feel beautiful, comfortable, happy-in-love and your wallet will be dancing all the way home with you. So don’t hesitate to try on more dresses or to stop looking even when you’ve only been to one store. If it fits your silhouette, your style, and your budget, you have got a keeper! The search through all of the best beach wedding dresses has finally paid off!
A lot of brides get cold feet simply at the thought of all the wedding preparations. Same as with shopping for beach wedding dresses, fear is only a state of mind. There is nothing you cannot conquer and a store-full of heavenly white ball gowns cannot bring you down. Just remember to stay focused and to stay on track. Don’t choose a dress just because it’s Katherine Heigl’s 27th dress. Choose a dress because it showcases the best parts of your figure and makes you feel comfortable. You’ll definitely want to keep your body shape in mind when perusing beach wedding dresses. You’ll be the center of attention for the whole day and all through the night and your dress, (aside from your loving husband of course) will be the only thing on stage with you. Make sure it’s worth it. Make sure you’re wearing it for love.

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