Steps For Properly Cutting A Wedding Cake

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It might seem cut and dry(no pun intended) how to cut a wedding cake, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cutting your wedding cake takes certain techniques to get the most out of every tier and to succeed at this with different shapes of cakes. The timing of cutting the cake is also important along with other preparations in order for guests to enjoy this sweet delectable treat.

Placing The Cake

Your cake should be displayed on a decorated table that matches your theme and can be viewed by all your guests when the cutting begins. Your decorated knife should be easily at hand and should also be decorated to your theme. Do not grab just some old kitchen knife, it should be special for this special occasion.
Wedding Cake Cutting Tips 2

Proper Etiquette

Proper etiquette calls for making an announcement before the cake cutting ceremony takes place. In order to cut the cake together, the right hand of the groom is placed on top of the right hand of the bride. The first slice of cake is served to the bride by the groom, the second piece is served to the groom by the bride.

When Should The Cake Be Cut?

This normally takes place after the reception lunch or dinner has been served, then the bride and groom will announce the cake cutting. The cake should be cut early enough and with enough pieces for all your guests to have a piece before going home. You should also plan to cut enough pieces and wrapped for guests to take home with them, if they wish.

How To Cut By Shape

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Round-shaped cakes with petals should be cut into wedges while oval and square cakes should be marked off, typically in four large pieces. It’ll then be easier to cut into rectangular block pieces.

Cake Proportions

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Sometimes this can be a little difficult to calculate. If you have a caterer, ask if they provide this service. If so, have them choose the person who will take care of this task and make sure they are qualified to carry it out. They should be able to take the cake away to be proportioned for the guests and then brought back for viewing.

In Conclusion

Every aspect of a wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, decorations and glorious wedding cake are very special and very important. Your wedding day should go off without a glitch and leave you with wonderful memories and pictures that will last a lifetime. Every detail to the wedding dress took a great deal of thought with every stitch and detail. The same should be said regarding your wedding cake. This is the Orange County wedding ceremony that announces the end of the evening and should be magical for both you and your guests.

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It certainly is difficult to take a knife to such a beautiful work of art. Learning how to undertake the cutting takes a little knowledge. If you have an Orange County caterer or the person who created your cake, speak with them to decide the best way to carry this out. The last thing you want is for the cutting process to turn into a collapsed mess. Follow some tips and techniques and have a beautiful, happy wedding day!

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