Wedding Reception Decorations On A Budget

When we think about weddings, many of us just picture the ceremony. For most guests, however, weddings begin at the reception. The wedding reception is also where the bride and groom also get a chance to relax and loosen up. Often, planning for the reception is far from relaxing. This can be doubly true if(…)

Steps For Properly Cutting A Wedding Cake

It might seem cut and dry(no pun intended) how to cut a wedding cake, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cutting your wedding cake takes certain techniques to get the most out of every tier and to succeed at this with different shapes of cakes. The timing of cutting the cake is also(…)

Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas

A lot of time and care is taken in order to deliver an unforgettable wedding reception, and table decorations play a role in that success. A great wedding table decoration is one that will create a real talking point for your guests, and which will leave a lasting impression. Let’s take a look at 5(…)

Tips For Writing Personal Wedding Vows

There are few days bigger or more important in a person’s life than the day they get married. Making a lifetime commitment to the one you love is a huge step, and making sure that the vows you speak are perfect is incredibly crucial. Writing your own vows is a perfect way to show the(…)

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding Venues

Deciding on a wedding venue, indoors or outdoors can play a crucial role in making the most special day in your life a memorable one. Regardless of whether you choose an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception or an indoor wedding ceremony or reception, it must be noted that there advantages as well as disadvantages to(…)

5 Stunning Classic Wedding Cake Styles

Are you the type of person whose tastes gravitate toward design elements that never go out of style, as opposed to trendy ones? Then your wedding cake should reflect your timeless aesthetics. Here are five classic wedding cake styles to consider. Fresh Flowers and Ruffles The romantic pairing of ruffled icing and fresh flowers simply(…)

Fad Diets STILL Don’t Work!!

Fad diets are just that … a diet … to be used short term. They usually promise quick weight loss and are only a good for a quick fix. They are not weight loss programs. They do not teach or encourage habits that will lead to Effective Weight Loss. Each diet is unique in some(…)

Memorable Wedding Ceremony Ideas

To plan a truly distinctive and memorable wedding ceremony, consider perhaps incorporating some slightly more contemporary or non-traditional wedding ceremony ideas. Using some imagination and creativity will help make your wedding ceremony unforgettable. Mix The Traditional With The Contemporary For a More Memorable Wedding Ceremony You can inject individuality and your own unique personality into(…)

Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Ceremony Prelude Music The Prelude Music for the Wedding Ceremony sets the tone and mood for the entire ceremony. The prelude music is the music that is playing before the ceremony, as guests arrive and are seated by the ushers. Prelude music is almost always performed by live musicians, and may either be solely(…)