Steps For Properly Cutting A Wedding Cake

It might seem cut and dry(no pun intended) how to cut a wedding cake, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cutting your wedding cake takes certain techniques to get the most out of every tier and to succeed at this with different shapes of cakes. The timing of cutting the cake is also(…)

5 Stunning Classic Wedding Cake Styles

Are you the type of person whose tastes gravitate toward design elements that never go out of style, as opposed to trendy ones? Then your wedding cake should reflect your timeless aesthetics. Here are five classic wedding cake styles to consider. Fresh Flowers and Ruffles The romantic pairing of ruffled icing and fresh flowers simply(…)

Wedding Cake Tasting Tips

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, there’s a surprising amount that can go into it. You may think you know what you want for a wedding cake, but there are so many delectable choices out there, it’s best to get out there and see what your options are. If you’re going to multiple(…)