Wedding Venues

6 Common Outdoor Wedding Mistakes

So, the wedding bells are approaching, and all you see in your mind is the groom’s smile as he walks you down the aisle? Well this is your day, the moment when all ceases to exist, and the world waits on you, and it should be in the least, Perfect. What if something goes wrong?(…)

Garden Wedding Venues In Orange County

The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course Arguably the very best wedding ceremony and reception centers in all of Orange County, The Clubhouse is an exquisitely designed complex that promises to provide one of the most beautiful backdrops to your special day anywhere in Southern California. Located in Anaheim Hills, Orange County, this facility caters(…)

Affordable Orange County Wedding Venues

There are a surprisingly high number of affordable wedding venues available in Southern California in general, and Orange County, specifically. Affordable Huntington Beach Wedding Venues For nearly 40 years now, Old World Huntington Beach has been the location of choice for Orange County brides in search of an affordable wedding venue. Aside from affordability, flexibility(…)

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding Venues

Deciding on a wedding venue, indoors or outdoors can play a crucial role in making the most special day in your life a memorable one. Regardless of whether you choose an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception or an indoor wedding ceremony or reception, it must be noted that there advantages as well as disadvantages to(…)

Planning a Memorable Outdoor Wedding Reception In Orange County

Outdoor Wedding Reception An outdoor wedding reception idea has immense potential to offer a beautiful experience. Whether you host your reception at a pristine beach which has sparkling white waves crashing against the shore or in a beautiful garden filled with flowers and vines, your reception will be remembered for long for its natural charm.(…)

Choosing A Wedding Reception Hall

Choosing a reception hall in Orange County for your Big Day is one of the toughest and most important decisions you will make throughout the duration of your wedding planning. The reception venue is where you and your guests will spend the most amount of time, and remember the most. Before visiting a reception hall(…)

Touring Wedding Venues in Orange County

When you first start searching the wedding venues in Orange County, the choices can seem confusing and endless. You wonder how you’ll ever choose from all the great locations out there and find what’s right for you. From Newport Beach to Yorba Linda. There are literally hundreds of beautiful locations throughout the County. So many(…)

Finding Your Dream Venue

It’s all about the location! The first thing to consider when planning your wedding is deciding on where you and your fiancé would like to say your vows. Each wedding venue can seem more enticing than the previous one, making it a daunting task. We are graced by several incredible wedding venues in Orange County,(…)

How to Choose the Right Venue Space

Although selecting a venue for your wedding reception can be quite exciting, it can also be pretty overwhelming. Would you like it to be a museum or garden, restaurant or ballroom? Below are some easy steps that will help you pick the ideal reception location without going through too much trouble. Verify the appropriate number(…)