Fork In The Road Catering

Fork In The Road Wedding Catering In Costa Mesa Ca

Fork In The Road Catering
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Fork In The Road Wedding Catering In Costa Mesa California

Know that the tastiest of food is the one cooked with an ounce of love, and we have plenty more than an ounce for this business. After wasting our time in places devoid of this passion for great catered food, we found ourselves at a Fork in the Road. We made the decision to take a leap of faith and do what we love best. We enjoy our job and so does everyone in our staff, so don’t be expecting the same courses you’ve seen or eaten ten times over at other weddings you’ve been to. There will be no tuxedo shirts, no dry, tasteless chicken and no brochures. Give us a call and a chance to make your event a unique one with the aid of our inventiveness and your ideas.

Plan and choose a spectacular wedding cake, dessert bars, cupcakes and more from Mrs. Fork, our wonderful cake artist. With our team’s true dedication to your complete satisfaction, your event will be unforgettable for everyone who attends. By listening to your wants and needs, we make sure we’re always on the same page, never more than just a phone call away, and we stay flexible enough to handle any last-minute assistance or changes you may need!