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Crystal Rose Wedding Catering Orange County

Crystal Rose Catering is a company specializing in wedding catering in Orange County. Our outstanding service team will make sure your wedding setup is perfect, down to the tiniest detail. We offer a wide array of catering menus, which are expertly executed by brilliant and skillful chefs. We have a team of the best professionals the wedding catering industry has to offer, and they will work to meet your demands and help you put together your dream wedding. We work in tandem with the client, from the beginning to the end of the catering process. Our services do not end with preparing the food you & your guests will be served: we can help you with your wedding theme, the wedding menu, the food setup, service, cleanup and much more. Although we specialize in wedding catering, our experience allows us to tackle any kind of event: from service business to corporate events, or any other social occasions. We would be happy to hear your ideas and discuss the possibilities with you.

Crystal Rose Catering is aware of the trying economic times the nation is going through and we are determined to offer affordable prices to our customers. We offer a varied and wide menu selection which includes low-priced menu choices for couples on a budget. Our extensive catering experience and attention to detail help us understand your needs and we constantly work to produce the perfect wedding, your dream wedding.