Garden Wedding Venues In Orange County

Garden Wedding Venues In Orange County

The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course Arguably the very best wedding ceremony and reception centers in all of Orange County, The Clubhouse is an exquisitely designed complex that promises to provide one of the most beautiful backdrops to your special day anywhere in Southern California. Located in Anaheim Hills, Orange County, this facility caters(…)

Affordable Orange County Wedding Venues

Affordable Orange County Wedding Venues

There are a surprisingly high number of affordable wedding venues available in Southern California in general, and Orange County, specifically. Affordable Huntington Beach Wedding Venues For nearly 40 years now, Old World Huntington Beach has been the location of choice for Orange County brides in search of an affordable wedding venue. Aside from affordability, flexibility(…)

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding Venues

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding Venues

Deciding on a wedding venue, indoors or outdoors can play a crucial role in making the most special day in your life a memorable one. Regardless of whether you choose an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception or an indoor wedding ceremony or reception, it must be noted that there advantages as well as disadvantages to(…)

Planning a Memorable Outdoor Wedding Reception In Orange County

Planning a Memorable Outdoor Wedding Reception In Orange County

Outdoor Wedding Reception An outdoor wedding reception idea has immense potential to offer a beautiful experience. Whether you host your reception at a pristine beach which has sparkling white waves crashing against the shore or in a beautiful garden filled with flowers and vines, your reception will be remembered for long for its natural charm.(…)

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Wedding Dress Costs

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Wedding Dress Costs

If worrying over the cost of a wedding gown has you feeling anxious, it might be time to consider less expensive options. While some brides will spend thousands of dollars on a white wedding gown, savvy brides know how to look stunning without taking out a small loan. There are easy ways to reduce wedding(…)

Wedding Venues In Orange County

Practicality is not the first word that comes to mind when choosing from the many beautiful wedding venues in Orange County, or anywhere else really. Brides and grooms are often bewitched by the charm and aesthetics of a place, forget about asking any important questions and sign their names to the contract. Though who can blame them? Events which are exclusively practical make for poorly cherished memories.

You might be so taken with a place that you'll decide it's worth dealing with the additional planning hassle. If not, however, take a step back when choosing one of the Orange County wedding venues, think just how deep your pockets are and the number of guests you plan on inviting. Do you want a venue for the ceremony and one for the reception or have them both at the same location? With all these decisions out of the way and after you've found some venues that correspond to your preferences in size and budget, you can begin with the practical, yet crucial questioning:

      • Will the decor be to your liking? Does the style suit the both of you? And if not, are the other perks worth it anyway? Just how much will you have to spend extra for your own flower arrangements?
    • Will they cater the food themselves or must you deal with outside catering companies? If they do, is it any good? Don't hesitate to sample and taste, this is your wedding, the food should be delicious. If they don't, make sure to ask about their catering policies.
    • Can guests check their coats in and are the bathrooms spic and span?
    • Can the venue be accessed by wheelchair? Just how long is the climb in case it isn't? Are the parking spaces in the proximity of the reception and ceremony rooms or not?
    • How easy or difficult would a cancellation be and what is the exact policy in case that happens?
    • Exactly how will you be making the payments? What's the precise schedule? What about deposits?
    • Are there any other costs you should know about? Don't let yourself get ambushed by additional payments coming, seemingly out of nowhere, later. Be sure to read the fine print and the finer print if need be. No sentence in that contract should be overlooked.
    • Will they be charging more if people enjoy themselves and stay longer than supposed to? They probably will. Make sure to ask just how much.
    • Does the company posses a liquor license?
    • Will you be permitted to supply your own beverages? This option is most often the cheaper of the two.
    • Just how large is the place? Is it able to host a band and will there be enough space for you and your guests to dance if you so wish? What about sound systems? Will you have to go ahead and rent one or do they provide their own? If the venue already has one, make sure that the quality is to your satisfaction.

Will you and your soon-to-be wife or husband have a room all for yourselves, to change attire or just simply take a breather from the party?

  • Are there any places nearby suited for taking wedding photos? Any such spots within the venue itself?
    Can you be introduced to the wedding supervisors as soon as possible? Both the ones handling the event itself and the ones involved in the planning? How available for discussion are they?
  • Valet parking or not? And where exactly are the invited to park their cars?

Can guests reach the wedding venues in Orange County by public transport? If so, ask for a time estimate regarding their future trip through the city.

  1. Can people enjoy their food and beverages all over the venue or only in designated areas? Is there a limit you shouldn't cross with the decorations? Do they allow candles?
  2. If planning to have the wedding or reception (or both) outdoors, is there a plan B in case it starts raining? If not, can you bring your own tent and do you have where to put it?

If Planning To Have The Reception Elsewhere

  • Just how close to each other are the two wedding venues in Orange County?
  • Will they both be able to welcome all your guests?
  • Are the two places very different in management policy or not?
  • Have the two Orange County wedding venues ever hosted the same couple before?

If Planning To Have Both at the Same Venue

  • Will you have to rent the chairs or do they provide them for you?
  • Are there actually two separate rooms for the ceremony and reception or will they make adjustments then and there for the same room?
  • How long will these changes take?

When looking for Orange County wedding venues, it's good to keep these questions in mind. Depending on your preferences, you might think of something else to ask also. Just don't forget the basics. Get practicality out of the way first so that you can enjoy your Southern California wedding later!

Orange County Wedding Venue Decorating Tips

Attractive wedding decorations on your wedding day make the day full of fun, enjoyable, dramatic and a different style wedding. If you love to have a wedding day that will be of memorable setting and very beautiful looking, here are some surefire tips that will help you realize your dream wedding.

Wedding ceremonies and after wedding party can be carried out at any place such as Yachts at Newport Beach, gardens in Irvine, marinas in Huntington Beach, restaurants in Santa Ana, scenic locations at Laguna Beach, and churches in Westminster. Different wedding venues in Orange County will have different settings that will create a mood with sophisticated wedding decorations that suit the venue.

First thing is ask yourself and your partner what elegance and mood do you both want on your wedding day. Are you cultured, casual or romantic? You may agree to have a traditional form of wedding ceremony, with lots of flowers and candles or you may choose a modern-day wedding ceremony characterized by white balloons, cakes, Champagne and silver.

Secondly, you need to know your budget. This gives you a choice of what you will want your wedding day to look like. Everything on your wedding day should be within your budget and plans. Plan carefully to avoid costly mistakes. In a situation where the budget is an issue you may choose two or three wedding decorations or you may opt for other cost friendly decorating ideas that add visual impact.

Finally, take a number of photographs of the site in order to act as a reference when going through the above ideas. Try to compare on which idea you will choose. By doing so it will be easy to determine which decorations will be successful and which ones are not appropriate for a particular setting.

It’s also important to consider the fact that there are several items you need to put into consideration when choosing and creating your wedding decorations. These elements include the color scheme of your wedding, the amount of the available space at the wedding reception, the number of invited guests, the mood/Theme you want for your wedding, the time of Year and day your wedding is scheduled to take place, location and setting, family Traditions in your both families, and finally budget of your wedding decorations this will tell what to go for.

Considering decorations for different areas on your wedding is also very important, areas such as altars or pews, flowers, gifts, flavors, bathrooms, guest books, gateway car, chair backs, walls and doors, banisters accessories and ceilings and floors should have colors that match with setting of your wedding day.

However, it’s imperative to remember that there is no need to decorate festive locations. This is a good way to save a lot of money during your wedding. Additionally, you can take advantage of relatives and friends when it comes to the transportation of wedding materials like flowers and pew bows to your wedding reception location.

With these useful tips for how to decorate your Orange County wedding venue, you will realize how easy it’s to plan for your dream wedding. These are also surefire ways to keep the memories of your wedding day alive forever!

Information on Wedding Permits For Laguna Beach

There are several parks and beaches in the city of Laguna Beach that allow for informal weddings. These informal beach weddings require a permit issued by the City. There are no beach wedding permits issued between the Memorial Day holiday and Labor Day, with the exception of the 4 beaches situated below Heisler Park: Divers Cove, Picnic Beach, Rockpile Beach, and N. Main Beach. For the remainder of the year, the beaches from Crescent Bay & Victoria Beach may have wedding permits approved.

Please refer to the list below for current fees and the maximum number of people allowed (this number includes the photographer, wedding officiant, wedding party participants, etc):

  • Monument Point located at Heisler Park: $268.00 fee, maximum of 50 people
  • Heisler Park Gazebo: $268.00 fee, maximum of 50 people
  • Crescent Bay Park: $336.00 fee, maximum of 40 people
  • Other parks & beaches: $268.00 fee, maximum of 95 people

When the wedding permits are issued, they are good for a period of 2 hours for usage of the requested Laguna Beach park or beach location. The designated wedding sites are required to allow access to the public at all times. Setting up any type of barrier to prevent access to the wedding location is strictly prohibited. At the Laguna Beach public beaches and parks, alcohol and/or smoking is expressly prohibited. Setting up archways, chairs, tables, or any type of structure for the beach wedding is not permitted.

Beach Weddings In Huntington Beach

  1. QUESTION: What's the best place to have a beachfront wedding?
    ANSWER: Permits are only issued for the City beach. If you're looking for a state operated beach, they're S. of Beach Boulevard and N. of Seapoint Street. Call 714-846-3460 to learn more about State operated beaches.
  2. QUESTION: Can we bring a sound system and/or alcohol on the beach?
    ANSWER: Neither amplified sound nor alcohol can be brought on the Huntington City beach.
  3. QUESTION: What documents do I need to provide the city with?
    ANSWER: You'll have to provide the City with a site map that specifically indicates what you're placing on the beach and the exact location where the wedding is going to take place. After submitting the application, it's going to take a several weeks until it's reviewed and approved.
  4. QUESTION: Is there a chance that certain areas can be fenced off?
    ANSWER: The City of Huntington Beach has no specific locations that can be used for group activities and fencing off areas is not possible.
  5. QUESTION: When does the beach close?
    ANSWER: People can enjoy various activities on the beach up until 10 PM every night. As for the weddings, they're usually small and last between fifteen to thirty minutes. However, variables such as crowds and the weather can prolong the duration of the event.
  6. QUESTION: How much does a beach wedding permit cost?
    ANSWER: To obtain a beach permit, one must pay a 450 dollar site fee and a 125 dollar application fee. Liability insurance naming the City as extra insured is also required. To get it, you need to get in touch with the Risk Management Division and it costs about 100 dollars (fee varies based on the size of the event).
  7. QUESTION: Who must I get in touch with to organize a wedding on the beach?
    ANSWER: All of your questions can be answered by Beach Operations at the City of Huntington Beach. You can contact them by calling 714-846-3460.

City of Huntington Beach 2000 Main Street Huntington Beach, California 92648 714-846-3460 http://www.huntingtonbeachca.gov/residents/beach_info/index.cfm

Wedding Receptions at The Hacienda In Santa Ana

The Hacienda in Santa Ana is one of the more popular locations in Orange County to have a wedding reception. Even if you're somewhat clueless about planning a wedding or other special occasion, The Hacienda has the perfect staff to walk you through everything that needs to be done. If you'll be dealing with different wedding vendors, the event planners at The Hacienda are known to share their professional opinions s well as help you generate some terrific reception ideas! I've talked to several people who have celebrated their wedding reception at The Hacienda and they all had pretty much have the same story: if you think you're being bothersome by asking their staff too many questions about dealing with Orange County wedding vendors, or how to accomplish a certain venue task, you would be wrong. The Hacienda's staff makes VERY clear it's their job to do everything to make your reception as wonderful as possible, and they do it with a smile on their face! They know how stressful it can be trying to put all the details together, and they also understand how important those details are to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Their reputation seems to be, if they see you doing something you're doing yourself setting up for the reception that they can do, they'll take the task off your hands and help you out.....again, with smiles on their faces. The Hacienda is also known for their well put together packets with all the reception information on it, so you always have a reference to go to if you're not sure what to do.

The Venue

The Hacienda's wedding venue itself is beautiful! All you have to do is Google it, go to Yelp! or look at the website itself: it's got that charm that so many wedding venues in Orange County are famous for. Charming cozy yet elegant. Your wedding guests will love it! Because Santa Ana's The Hacienda will let you set up their banquet hall however you like, don't forget to use the knowledge and experience of their helpful staff.

No Contract Surprises

That's another thing I've heard from several people who have held their wedding reception at The Hacienda: You won't be running into any surprises when it comes to the contract for renting out their banquet hall for your wedding. I've heard of nightmare stories from people at other OC locations that have had extra charges dded on, but from everything I've heard The Hacienda makes sure everything is clear and up-front.