5 Useful Tips for a Great Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding is favored by many for the casual and laid back ambiance it creates. It is also affordable, so you can definitely save on your wedding if you choose a rustic theme. Here are some tips to remember to make the most out of your rustic wedding:

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Find a very suitable place for your wedding theme where you and your guests will feel comfortable and which offers a fantastic spot for your big day. In Orange County, there are wonderful rustic wedding locations to choose from. The Red Horse Barn and Star Ranch are two of the best spots for rustic weddings that are favored by many couples. When you choose either one of these wedding venues, you are sure to have a blast on your wedding as both are especially built for rustic weddings and offer fantastic scenery.

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Centerpieces must be simple, but you can use other things in addition to the typical flower centerpieces. You can complement the flowers with a few twigs, succulents, or driftwood to add a touch of uniqueness.

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Wedding Cake

You can absolutely lavish your wedding cake with all the decorations featuring something rustic. It is actually perfect when it is placed on a wooden stand or for a more creative effect on a barrel.

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Rustic wedding decorations are not only earth friendly but also quite affordable yet absolutely fantastic! Materials for rustic decorations can include almost anything that represents nature such as tree trunk slices, twigs, vegetables, fruits, hay bales, wheat, pine cones, dried flowers, twine, burlap, cotton and vintage items such as mason jars as well as bird cages. The list is endless!

Rustic Wedding Decorations

Wedding Signs

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Your rustic wedding decorations will never be complete without the wedding signage. Use some witty and charming sayings to grace the occasion. Remember, your wedding signage must be very romantic, playful and fun.