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The Places Where the Best Wedding Dress Ever Made

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The modern Southern California woman is as empowered and outspoken as ever before. With the ever growing reach of media and the rights being bestowed on women all over the world, it is no surprise that they are stepping in and taking charge in almost every aspect of daily life. Especially when it comes to their weddings, brides-to-be are forces to be reckoned with. This is often a double-edged sword for grooms; especially those who wish to shoulder the bill. When it comes to touring wedding venues in Orange County, the groom has some input. When it comes to the dress, however, it’s in the groom’s best interest to leave the choice to his soon-to-be bride. Trust me on this! But there is nothing that will stop the world’s women from being their very best on the day their fairytale weddings come true.

However, with the hustle and bustle of daily living, today’s brides are finding less and less time to fit in their wedding preparations; especially the most important one–wedding dresses Orange County shopping. Statistics show that over 50% of women are inclined to purchase their dresses online, with the rest choosing to do so at sample sales, independent designers, and mainstream bridal chains. With the convenience that technology has afforded us, there seems to be nothing it cannot do. But every innovation comes at a cost, and sometimes the cost is not always monetary.

To help would-be brides see the greater picture of shopping online and elsewhere, here’s a quick guide of what to expect with your wedding gown seller of choice. Depending on your resources, like time and money, you’ll surely find the best avenue for you to find that Orange County wedding dress that will make you no less than your groom’s lifelong dream!

Before we deep dive into the list however, think first of how much time you have. Most brides take at least a year to plan their wedding, and with that, their wedding dress. If you have as much time, you may want to go through favored designs first before looking for a designer or seller that specialize in the design you chose. If time is not a luxury, you can opt to look into shops with ready-to-wear gowns that you can simply alter to fit you perfectly. Once you have your timeline down, here’s where to shop:

1. Online Shopping

Going online has a great advantage in terms of ease of convenience. No more dealing with stuck-up, pushy or unfriendly salespeople. No more waiting in line while the sales person attends to someone else. No more fuming if that someone else takes forever to try on her dress. With a click of a button and a turn of a page, you can sift through thousands of designs and colors. You don’t even have to stand up. Indeed, it is the life.

However, there are as many disadvantages as there are advantages. You can’t feel the fabric or try the dress on! It can be difficult being able to imagine your Orange County wedding photographer taking pictures when you haven’t even tried the dress on! You can’t see how the length falls perfectly to the floor or the detail highlights your eyes. You can’t see how it’s the exact shade of white and how it makes your skin just glow. If you’re willing to forego all these for comfort, then by all means do so. If you’re running out of time and it’s just so much easier to have it shipped to your door in a week or so; then go ahead buy that awesome dress!

Do be ready of course for any needed alterations and color discrepancies. Make sure you’re also prepared to spend a little extra to buy a new one just in case that baby on screen isn’t the gem you hoped it would be.

The video below goes into additional things to keep in mind if you are considering buying a wedding dress online. Bliss Bridal Boutique has tons of great videos, so consider subscribing to their Youtube channel.

2. Bridal Chain Stores

There’s probably one every four blocks in the Orange County area or in every major department store in Newport Beach. You’ve probably been there once, twice, or thrice before when one or some of your girlfriends got married. These are brides’ go-to places and often have a wide variety of designs and designers to choose from. You’ll probably need to spend a day in the shop, so make sure you’re in your most comfortable flats or sandals.

Make sure also to bring what you need like a strapless bra, a body shaper, or seamless boy shorts, just in case you need to fit some of your choices. Call the bridal shop before your visit to make sure no appointment is required or to make one if it is. You’ll have to deal with some over eager or overly bored salespeople so keep you temper in check as well! No need to go Bride-zilla this early!

3. Sample Sale Shopping

Whether it’s for a wedding dress or a brand new wardrobe for spring, women just can’t resist wedding sample sales. It causes a flurry that turns into a frenzy in a matter of minutes with girls snatching stuff from under each other’s noses–just because. Just imagine then how it would look at a bridal sample sale. Bridal sample sales can happen any month of the year and it is always best to keep yourself informed. Do your research by searching the net or asking some of your knowledgeable friends. Once you have a date and time, check to see what labels are included and discover what sizes you will have for which brand. There are so many types of gowns to look at when visiting these “Trunk Shows”. Newport Beach bridal shops routinely offer everything from formal gowns to informal beach wedding dresses. This will save you time and effort in choosing something and trying it on only to be disappointed with the loose or tight fit. Bring a friend with you as well to help you get things in perspective. Just because that bride has it doesn’t mean it looks good, dear!

The major key to successful sample sale shopping is wearing the right underwear and getting there early. That way you’ll have more time and more confidence to go after what you want, no matter the odds!

Orange County wedding dress shopping is a tedious as task as planning the entire wedding. It requires, time, patience and a lot of research. Don’t feel pressured to run after your timeline as this might just cause to choose whatever without really pondering on it. Get a head start and ask your family and friends for help if needed. Besides, nobody stunning was ever able to walk down the aisle on her own!

by Kerry Johnson – Follow Kerry on G+!