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Pebbles Bridal is one of the most sought-after shops of its kind in Placentia California. Finding exquisite Orange County wedding dresses can be very challenging and demanding, but Pebbles Bridal shop is a family-run business and they treat all their customers as friends. They are more than excited to offer you the help, advice and support you need in order to find the right bridal gown. They have hundreds of gowns in stock.

At Pebbles Bridal, there is something for everybody. From the most simple gowns to beautiful beach wedding dresses, every bride will have the chance to feel like a true princess on the most special day of her life. In addition to bridal gowns, they also have an impressive collection of high-quality dresses for the mother of the bride, the bridesmaids as well as the flower girl(s). Grooms can find some exquisite suits here, as well!

They take pride in creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, and they are truly passionate about what they do – this is precisely why they always make sure that their clients leave Pebbles Bridal fully satisfied. Not only are their bridal gowns breath-taking, but they are reasonably priced as well. No matter if you already have a specific model in mind, or you would like one of their bridal specialists to assist you in choosing the gown that best compliments your figure and personality, the staff is ready to assist you.

Fashion and bridal trends are continuously changing and evolving, but at Pebbles Bridal you can always rest assured you will find high-class Orange County wedding dresses. All bridal gown orders typically require between four to six months to arrive, although they can rush the order for an additional fee. Please get in touch with them for further details.


Wedding Dresses – Traditions and Superstitions that Surround Them

When you think about a wedding, the chances are that the first thing to cross your mind will be the wedding dress. For almost four hundred years, the wedding dress has been a focal point of just about any wedding. There are many traditions that surround the wedding dresses, superstitions relating to weddings were many and varied.

Originally, the wedding dress was to symbolize the purity of the bride and her suitability to be a bearer of her groom’s children and a wife. It was in fact Queen Victoria who introduced the concept of a white wedding gown, when she married in 1940. This tradition is still carried on today.

When Empress Eugenie married Napoleon III a few years later, she chose a wedding gown to suit her sense of high fashion and her love of regal finery. You can trace the elegant and high-style wedding dresses that are worn today right back to Empress Eugenie.

Some wedding traditions and superstitions have stood the test of time, but others have not lasted. One of these that did not survive to the present day was the belief that it was not proper for the bride to make her own wedding gown. During the time this superstition was rife, the last stitch was to be stitched just before the bride entered the church for her wedding – this really would not work nowadays! At the same time a bride was not meant to try on her dress prior to her wedding day otherwise she would often be accused of counting her chickens….

In the late 1500’s the symbol of eternal love was bows or love knots in the form of a figure eight, and these were often added to the decoration on the brides wedding gown.

Once the wedding had taken place the guests would then cut off a love knot to keep as a souvenir.

During early weddings, the colors that the bride wore were believed to foretell either a full and happy life with a loving husband and many healthy children, or that many disasters would befall the couple and they would have a miserable future life. The various superstitions were given credence due to the lack of modern medicine, so any omen could be considered to cause bad luck or bad health.

Blue became a popular addition to the wedding gowns in 1800, as this was said to associate their ceremony with the Virgin Mary and therefore to strengthen the symbol of purity. If a bride had a sparkling blue sapphire engagement ring, it was believed that this would promote fidelity and eternal love. This is where the modern day “something blue” comes from.
Although pink became a popular choice for wedding gowns, especially during May weddings, a wedding superstition considered pink to be very unlucky with the saying “Marry in pink and your fortunes will sink.” Victorian women thought that having red in your wedding outfit was referring to scarlet women and hussies.

Having green for your wedding gown was said to be very unlucky as it attracted the fairies, and bringing their attention was not good as it could bring lots of bad luck and cause it to rain on the day.

Another wedding rhyme is “Marry in brown and you will live out of town,” so brown was not a popular color at weddings. If you lived in the country you were not as elegant and high class as those living in the cities and towns.

One color that has risen and fallen in popularity over the years is yellow. It was hugely popular during the 1700’s, but before this it was not considered holy to be wearing yellow in a church, as the color was linked to non-Christians.

If the bride came from the lower economic classes, she would often wear gray – this way she could keep the dress as her Sunday best. Employers would provide their domestic staff with a new grey dress each year.

Wedding superstitions have survived centuries in one form or another and today you can still find some wedding traditions and superstitions.