Handling Wedding Venue Problems

How To Avoid Wedding Disaasters

Things That Happen At Your Venue That You Just Did Not Imagine

Most couples feel a great pressure when it’s round about their wedding day. Some feel anxious from the very beginning of the preparations. Well, marriage is a big commitment and having to say your vows in front of your closest family and friends (who are totally not afraid to laugh at you!) is a bit more nerve wracking than taking the bar exam. You don’t need to fret so much however as there are a lot of things you can do to keep things in perspective, and in control.

First thing to do is always to prioritize. Together with your fiancé, identify the things that need the most preparation and get to it first. The criteria is not just the amount of work it takes in terms of coordination, but also the kind of competition you’ll be pitted against for that certain aspect of your wedding checklist. I’m pretty sure that in all our minds now, we’re thinking—available Orange County wedding venues. (If you’re thinking wedding cake, it’s ok, I won’t judge!)

The search for the perfect wedding venue in Orange County and the work required to set it up is not for the weak of heart. You have to consider not just your convenience, but your guests’ as well. It can take months to find a venue you and your fiancé both agree on, is available on your wedding day, and fits your budget like a glove. If you’re getting married during the peak season like June, you’ll probably have to pay a higher price to secure your venue of choice before anybody else.

Once you’ve chosen you’re venue, it is then a matter of decorations, where to set up the band, how many tables to seat your guests, what color will the tables be, and the list goes on and on and on. During the preparation, make sure to consult with close family and friends to make sure that you’ve covered all the bases and have not missed anything else. If your venue is outdoors, make sure that you have sufficient provision for the rain or other unpleasant natural elements.

Despite a very thorough preparation however, there are some one-of-a-kind fiascos that can happen on your wedding day which you should be prepared for. I’ve put out a list here for you to take care of those things you pray in your head won’t happen, but will now definitely be prepared for.

1. The End.

It’s three months before your wedding and suddenly your choice of wedding venues in Newport Beach shuts down! It could be an unfortunate fire that caused it to go out of business, or a legal claim that just found an unlikely ending. You’ve paid for your rental, booked all your suppliers and imagined how it would like over and over inside your head. Now, there’s just nothing left.

It is but normal to feel sad and depressed about this, but this kind of problem is not without a solution. As soon as you learn about your venue’s predicament, revisit at once your signed contract and read through the terms of cancellation. It is standard for contracts to have clauses addressing cancellation by force majeure, so you’ll probably be able to get your money back in this case. If the venue closes for any other reason, consult your contact person first on how they propose to settle the matter. Should you be dissatisfied with their customer service, consult a lawyer on how to move forward.

Simultaneously, start looking for other Orange County wedding venue options. Ask your current contact if there are similar venues in Newport Beach that he or she can recommend. If not, revisit your second and third options to see if they are still available on your chosen date. Make sure to also hold your invite printing so you can still change the details and not confuse your guests.

2. Too Many, Too Late.

You’ve probably added an extra table as contingency for some gate crashers or other invitees who just couldn’t decide. But come your wedding day, you’ve got twenty or so people waiting to be seated, and there are just no chairs in sight. To avoid this predicament, advise your wedding venue to have at least two extra tables on hand just in case people brought in plus ones without informing you. Assign a reliable coordinator for your venue to take care of these matters at the door so you don’t have a crowded reception area with people standing at the sidelines like it’s a riot, instead of a screen-worthy wedding reception.

3. Kids, Kids, More Kids.

How To Avoid Wedding Disasters With Kids

Your little cousins and nieces and nephews are such dolls as they walk down the wedding aisle. Everybody gushes at these angelic tykes that look picture-perfect in any angle for your Orange County wedding Photographer. But as soon as the reception doors open, you find them (or not find them) running around in all directions, pulling at the smallest flower girl’s bow or tackling each other to the ground. It’s worse when you find them crawling under tables and causing someone in their 5-inch heels to fall over.

While you don’t want to ban these little angels from a place with wedding cake, try setting up a kid’s corner where they can draw or color to keep them entertained. If your budget allows, you may also rent an extra room at the hotel where you can have a screening of Frozen or Toy Story to keep them happy until the festivity is over. If you choose to keep them in the hall, make sure you serve them a kid-friendly meal like mac ‘n cheese so they don’t go hungry and throw tantrums. Parents will be thanking you endlessly from then on.

Wedding venue preparations can be a nightmare if the problems that arise are those that happen once in a blue moon. Don’t go thinking you’ve been cursed by Maleficent when you’re younger, just think that fate deems you extra strong to get through these trivial obstacles. No matter what happens, remain calm first and think straight. You’ve got your family, your friends, and your loving fiancé to go through the options with you. Even before you are officially betrothed, dear, you are not alone. Best wishes!

by Kerry Johnson – Follow Kerry on G+!