10 Amenities You Should Look For in a Venue

  • Convenience
    If you will have separate venues for the reception and ceremony, make sure these are logistically close to each other so it will be convenient for all your guests; a good fifteen to twenty minutes between the two locations should be enough. Another thing to keep in mind when scouting Southern California wedding reception locations should be how far your guests will have to travel and find one that is strategically located somewhere in the middle. You might also want to check if the location is near transport hubs for your commuting guests.
  • Reasonable rate
    Everybody wants a gorgeous location for their wedding – but never at the cost of the whole wedding budget! Look for a spot that fits or close enough to your allotted budget so you will not sacrifice other wedding essentials for the sake of getting your dream wedding venue.
  • Weather-proof
    The last thing you want to be concerned about is unexpected rain right before a beach or garden wedding. Indoor wedding receptions in Orange County will not pose this kind of concern but for those who want to get the best of both worlds, there are a lot of venues that have a really good balance of both outdoor and indoor locations. If you really are adamant about an outdoor setting though, find out what backup plans the staff has in place in case of weather interruptions. Will there be tents provided? Is there an available venue close to the current location where the ceremony can be moved if it rains?
  • Reception parking
    Please keep in mind that the security of your guests’ vehicles is important. The venue parking should be maintained and secure. There should also be adequate space for all vehicles.
  • Good ventilation
    The number one rule in looking for a venue is convenience and comfort. When considering reception spot in Orange County, make sure that it is air conditioned or at least big windows and exhaust fans so that heat is not making your guests uncomfortable.
  • Professional staffing
    Because you will be working closely with these staff members for close to a year or so, make sure you get along well with them. Find a reception location that employs staff who are professionals and easy to get along with.
  • Clean restrooms
    Usually an amenity that is taken for granted but is equally important than the rest to assure the comfort of the guests throughout the stay. Make sure it is clean and well-maintained. Also make it a point to ask if there would be an attendant to maintain the comfort rooms and guarantee that the restrooms are not going to be shared with guests from other events.
  • Fair policies
    Will they let you see and read the contract before you sign anything? If so, be sure you understand the clauses regarding cancellation and rescheduling of event in case of force majeure. Also check their ground rules if it is reasonable and if most of their rules prohibit your ideals for your wedding.
  • No hidden charges
    Check for corkage fees that may apply if you hire non-affiliated wedding vendors and to bring in outside food, liquors and other beverages. Do they also charge for electricity? Ask them to provide you the total cost including the tax and service charges, if any.
  • Handicap-friendly
    Verify if the venue has facilities for persons with disabilities; do they have handicap ramps? How about toilets designed mainly for them?

by Kerry Johnson – Follow Kerry on G+!