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Are you planning to wed soon or know someone who is planning to wed? Everyone wants their wedding to be a perfect event that runs smoothly without any complications. Planning everything from the music, the decorations, the venue and many other things can be quite challenging. However, there is someone who can help you make your wedding the most fun and memorable event.

Natalie is an Irvine wedding planner. She is creative and artistic by nature and these traits help her a lot when it comes to planning weddings. You can be guaranteed that the decor at your event will not disappoint. Unlike some planners who use already existing ideas, Natalie thinks outside the box to give you an extraordinary event you will never forget. She does photography, videography, food, design, music lighting and production. One of the reasons she is successful is that she also loves to collaborate. She has a team consisting of experienced individuals in various outlets. This combination of creative minds will make your weddings one of the best in town.