Fabric Land

Fabric Land Of Orange Wedding Dresses In Orange County

Fabric Land
936 E. Lincoln Ave.
Orange, CA 92865

Fabric Land Of Orange Wedding Dresses In Orange County Ca

Fabric Land

Fabric Land is a family owned & operated business in the City of Orange. We’ve been serving the Orange County area for over 50 years now! Fabric Land began when my Father retired from the Service and my Mother made the decision to open a fabric shop, since sewing was her passion. I was a six year old at that time, and At the time, I was 6 years old and there was nothing I loved more than spending my free time there. Once I turned 18, I became a formal employee of Fabric Land, working there on & off, until my Mother retired. Fabric Land became my venture, and the Fabric Land legacy continues on……Even my granddaughter works part-time with us! – Mary Lundstrom

The mission of Fabric Land is to provide personalized service and high quality fabrics to our wonderful customers. We love working with long-time customers and visitors alike, and we consider them to be an integral part of the Fabric Land family.