How to Make Your Wedding Venue Look More Appealing

The wedding venue you choose represents your style and taste; that’s why it matters a lot. Although you may have found a spotlessly clean venue but if you leave it that way without making any changes or any improvements, it can look drab and affect the mood of your wedding. Are you going to settle for the second best venue because your best choice was almost perfect except for the very simple entrance doors? There are actually so many different ways to make your wedding site a more interesting place to say your “I do.”

Orange Paper Lanterns For Weddings

The lights can do the trick.

When lights are strategically placed in any room, these will produce a dramatic effect and glow. If you want to focus the attention of your guests on the wedding cake instead on the unattractive carpet, you can hire the services of a lighting designer. Blue paper lanterns for weddings are also very useful in creating a more natural and softer look.

First impressions last.

If the doors of any of the wedding venues in Orange County are too simple you can actually improve them by decorating them. Impress guests the moment they walk through the doors. You can place floral wreaths beside the doors and decorate the tables with colorful candles. The walkways will look great when lined with luminaries and the venue will look even more wonderful when you hang hurricane lanterns on the trees.

Cover the floor.

If you love the place except for the shag carpet, you can always find an alternative covering such as the ground-sweeping linens. You can cover the floor with a beautiful rental carpet of your own choice if you like.

Orange County Wedding Venue Flooring

Make the ceiling look attractive.

Do you think the ceiling needs improvement? Go ahead and improve its look by embellishing it with lots of little white lights, fabric or greenery. For a more grandiose appearance, you can rent chandeliers to add radiance to the room.

Cover the chairs.

Perhaps you don’t like the color of the chairs. One easy solution is to have them covered. This is a not a new idea, but using an extraordinary fabric will improve the look of the room. Leafy swags, tulle, silk flowers or your favorite fabric will definitely make the chairs look fantastic.

Arrange the tables well.

Long banquet tables give more space to the room. Arrange the tables and chairs in such a way that all guests are comfortably seated next to each other. Round tables and square tables in different sizes can also be used if you prefer some variety with the seating arrangement.

Accessorize the reception tables.

You can show off your creativity by using napkins with personalized rings. Folding the napkins in various styles will add beauty to the reception table, giving it a more elegant look. You may vary the folds, from a more difficult fold to the easiest one.

Pick the right colors.

Always use complementing colors. Soft pastel colors are relaxing to the eyes, and your Orange County wedding photographer will appreciate it. With whatever decoration you select for any piece in the room always make sure the colors don’t clash. After all the time you spent trying on all the wedding dresses Orange County, the last thing you need is clashing colors!

Orange County Wedding Venue Colors

by Kerry Johnson – Follow Kerry on G+!