Laguna Beach Wedding Venues

Arabella Laguna Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Cest La Vie Restaurant Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
La Casa del Camino Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Laguna Art Museum Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Montage Laguna Beach Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Mozambique Steakhouse Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Occasions At Laguna Village Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Pacific Edge Hotel Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Seven4One Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Surf And Sand Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
The Ranch At Laguna Beach Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
GGs Bistro Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach California
Romeo Cucina Wedding Venue In Laguna Beach Ca

A Brief History of Laguna Beach

For as long as anyone can remember, Laguna Beach has always been considered the pride of Southern Orange County, California. Its scenic beauty, mild year-round climate, spectacular beaches, coves and dedicated green belt and blue belt makes it a historical village that every tourist would yearn to visit. With a population of 22,775 people, the Laguna Beach is a comfortable place to spend some time once in a lifetime.

The early settlers of Laguna landed in the 1870’s, and it was officially founded in 1887. With great progress and quick development, its government was recognized as a city in 1927. Being away from other cities, surrounded by hills and limited highway access, Laguna Beach still manages to remain isolated from urban encroachment. Today, nearly 6 miles of its coastline is protected by a state marine reserve. Additionally, it has 1.2 miles officially designated as state conservation area.

Its natural beauty and serene environment have made tourism to be the primary industry in Laguna Beach. It is estimated that three million tourists visit the community every year. Some of the great events that take place annually include: The Pageant of Masters, Sawdust Art Festival, Festival of the Arts, Art-A-Fair, Kelpfest, and Bluewater Music Festival.

You can easily fall in love with this beautiful beach due to its magnificent nature. Some of the things that have sparked the hearts of most tourists and visitors include; secluded coves, azure waves, romantic cliffs and waterfront parks that imbue the city with a Riviera-like feel. Some have felt great apart from the nature that Laguna Beach offers by touring public sculptures and art festivals during the summer. After realizing that it can make more from tourism, the city has devoted itself to providing the best for its tourists, including those who have chosen Laguna Beach as one of their favorite wedding venues in Orange County.

When it comes to traditional arts in California, Laguna Beach has always had strong arts for decades. Right from the ‘plain air’ impressionists who lived and worked in Laguna in the early 1900’s to the current home of great festivals and several dozen galleries, Laguna Beach has exquisitely preserved its arts and crafts. Most of the arts can be found in museums, crafts cottages, and galleries.

Laguna Beach stretches about 7 miles along the PCH, and it is separated from inland flatlands by a long steep canyon. Its shops, bars and restaurants are concentrated along a short walkable stretch of downtown’s village. It has three parallel streets: Ocean Ave, Broadway, and Forest Ave. This place is also lovely and receives thousands of tourists every summer who enjoy visiting the place and shopping at the central business district. However, if one is looking for uncrowded places, he or she should consider the Main Beach.

Laguna Beach Wedding Venues

Laguna Beach’s magnificent and breathtaking nature always offers a great destination for an outdoor wedding. Get to enjoy the breeze and the cool splash of oceanic waves as you make your vows. Be it during the winter, summer, spring or fall, it is always an ideal time to get married in one of the many wedding destinations around Laguna Beach. Whether you have a reception of 20 people or 1000 people, Laguna Beach wedding venues will always accommodate your visitors at all times to make your day special.

There are also several modern resorts, restaurants and hotels that are always ready to host wedding parties and offer accommodation. Right from the cheapest hotel to the most expensive luxurious resorts, you will always get a place to enjoy your time in Laguna Beach. Hotels and restaurants also have qualified professionals who can arrange and cater for your wedding parties and receptions by offering private dining rooms, buyouts and even banquet halls.

Laguna Beach has received praises and great testimonials apart from being named as the best place to get married in the world for years. Thousands of brides and grooms choose this destination for their weddings and honeymoon. When it comes to beach options, Laguna Beach offers more than 20 beach destinations to choose from. It’s a spectacular destination that offers excellent wedding venues. You can also enjoy pre and post wedding activities in Laguna Beach.

South Orange County’s Laguna Beach has been named the best wedding destination many years in a row. One of the main reasons for this is, Laguna Beach offers nothing but quality. Its beaches have permits from the city and have been reserved for wedding purposes just like a church. This is why most people will just want to have their weddings here. Call the city or visit their website for more information.